The laser wall.

The British Broadcasting Corporation reported a news at January 18 that India will set up the laser fence between India and Pakistan border to prevent invasion from Pakistani.

An Indian official said that India will build laser fence at the riparian zones that near the Pakistan border which consist of a high powered laser to prevent invasion from Pakistani . Once detected someon came into India, this laser fence will start whistling loudly. According to reports, the laser wall is developed by the India border defense team. India border guard and troops stationed in India border.

It is reported that an India air force base which near the border of Pakistan had experienced militants attacked before. At that time, the India border security forces spent 4 days to calm down the attack. In this event, 6 militants were killed and 7 India soldiers were killed. India believed that the attack was launched by the Pakistan religious armed groups. Diplomatic talks between India and Pakistan was delayed by this.So,India thinks it's time to develop a wall that can detect someone who make a invasion by a powerful Laser Pointer .

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