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Kim Kardashian is willing to break one of her signature rules in hopes of discovering what rival Amber Rose might have planned for the Kardashian family in her upcoming reality show with pal Blac Chyna.
Radar Online reports Kardashian is begging hubby Kanye West to reach out to his ex-girlfriend Rose in order to find out all he can about what Rose plans to say about the family on her new MTV reality show.
"Kim's banned him from contacting her," said a source. "So this is a real turn of events."
Word is momager Kris Jenner has also been making the same request of her son-in-law, and, like all the other Kardashians, she has been "freaking out because Blac especially knows all of their secrets."

The source added, "Kim knows Amber would never bulls--- Kanye so she's asked him to get assurances from her that they won't turn their show into a Kardashian b----fest."
Rose has long been at odds with the Kardashians, after accusing Kim of stealing West away from her. Meanwhile, Chyna has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with younger sister Kylie over dating her ex Tyga, who also happens to be the father of Chyna's young son.
Reports are the Kardashians are so leery of the revenge their rivals might extract, that they recently had their team of attorneys threaten to serve the duo with a cease and desist letter.
"Amber told them via phone call with one of the sisters that she 'does not give a f---' what they do because she and Blac Chyna have the freedom to say and do 'whatever they want,'" a source told Radar Online. "They are sick of the fact that the Kardashians think that they can say and hurt anyone and no one says anything back to them. Amber told her straight up that they will never be silenced."

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