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Jennifer Lien, best known as Kes the Ocampa from Star Trek: Voyager, was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure following an altercation with a neighbor near her Harriman, Tennessee, home over the behavior of the neighbor’s children. Reports indicate that she was arrested in connection with an incident that transpired August 31.

According to WATE, Jennifer Lien came to neighbor Carey Smith’s home to complain about how the two children were being raised and began using vulgar language. TMZ says that Jennifer Lien was upset because one of the children was crying after receiving a cut on the foot.

There was not even a shadow of her gentle Star Trek alter ego in Jennifer Lien’s encounter with Smith or the children. While Jennifer Lien was charged with two counts of indecent exposure, reports seem uncertain as to how many children may have been in the immediate vicinity during the incident. Smith said in an interview that Jennifer Lien’s behavior progressed rapidly from bad to worse.

“[She] started saying vulgar things. I mean really vulgar things, I told her to mind her own business and keep on walking,” said Smith. “All of a sudden, here come the shirt up. She started flashing and, ‘Woo hoo,’ and I said, ‘And what respect is that for kids?’ There was none. And then she turned around and dropped her pants,” said Smith.

While Jennifer Lien denied any reports that she had exposed herself while children were around, she was found naked on her couch shortly after 911 was called. According to deputies, she was covered by a blanket and told deputies that she was expecting them. There had already been an active warrant issued for Jennifer Lien in conjunction with another incident. A detainer summons was issued by Roane County deputies, and Lien was charged with indecent exposure.

Discussion on social media about the incident involving the alleged indecent exposure and subsequent police involvement ranges from sorrow at how Jennifer Lien has fared since her time on Star Trek: Voyager to disgust about her appearance and her alleged exposure to minors.

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