The Light

This gif based on my original hand painted watercolor animation.
I am a Hungarian visual artist and I am working with mixed media including painting, site-specific, and animation. The last years I created an expansive body of various works which include representations of the interoperability. My recent work involves interactive-based sculptures, abstracted forms and intriguing museum-like works which explores the possible ways of ’intermedializing’ traditional watercolor techniques whilst transgressing my subjects and practice.
My multidisciplinary practice involves the use of playing with symbols that often can be reimagined and intertwined into iconographic images. As a progression from a personal or autobiographical perspective, I use the foregrounding significance of embodiment to identity, a deeper root into my situation whilst abroad.

I interested in the human body - a superficial indicator - that simultaneously talks about identity, social status and cultural situation. I usually focus to the relationship between personal identity and self-representation. My latest works extended towards new themes and solutions with regards to both the subject-matter and its presentation.

Klara Petra Szabo クララ・ペトラ・サボー

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