high power desktop cell phone gps wifi jammer created by anlang

high power desktop cell phone gps wifi jammer


The device, which blocks wi-fi signals in certain areas and blocks the use of mobile phones and the Internet, is an effective jammer for blocking transmitters and mobile phones. Compared with similar mobile phone signal jammer, this product is cheap and stable. cell phone jammer can eliminate the noise of telephone signals and maintain solemn religious facilities. This kind of GPS interference is suitable for a wide range of high performance and economic applications. When the telephone signal jammer is turned on, the working power rises from zero to 4 seconds.

It should be noted that the effective distance of the shielding device depends on the current environmental conditions, such as the distance from the base station and the shielding location, indoor and outdoor. In order to avoid affecting the shielding effect of the electromagnetic coverage of smart phones, the use of mobile security signal wifi jammer must take this factor into full consideration.

The signal strength of the electromagnetic signal radiated by the mobile phone safety signal jammer is very weak. The test data show that signal strength has a much smaller impact on the human body. The phone intercepts the camera only to block the phone's forward signal. The phone cannot touch the base station, so the phone itself is not damaged.