Jonghyun's death and four members of SHINee.  created by Maki Midori

Jonghyun's death and four members of SHINee.

Two days ago, a friend told me that she would go to a concert of SHINee.
Jonghyun · · · I will cry for some reason every time I think of him.
His openly-written will is too straightforward and honest.
Others try to convince themselves with the word "he was sick, something depressed." But I think it's different. It is a problem of Korean show business.

In Japan, at the end of last year, TVXQ appeared and at the beginning of this year, BTS appeared in the night time zone song program called Japan's Golden Time.
Even though I am Japanese, whenever I am touched by the splendor of their singing and dancing of them, the policy of the leader RM from BTS and the work of a series, I think that is why it is so different than Japanese show business.
Even, from the beginning, it's so different. It is the current situation of K - pop that there is a large number of students in auditions, with an extreme amount of exercise, power, and consciousness all crowded together with high skill and high quality. So, they finally went to the American Billboard.
During that time, when K-pop got high evaluation in America, Jonghyun himself discontinued his life.
"Please anyone do not blame me. I'd like you to say thank you. Good-bye!"
I think that this was an honest word that came out of his decent brain.
Of course, everyone admits that Jonghyun was a wonderful singer and dancer.
But he thought that he should do more work and thought that he can do it more.
K-pop has one genre established now, but it is also in transition period.
I think Jonghyun's death seems to be the last resistance of a representative of great talent who is buried in the times.

I heard that the four members' concerts were wonderful. The Japanese fans also were really kind when TVXQ became two people.
Japanese fans love the idols who are trying overcome to the hard time.
However, I thought Jonghyun's absence had a big impact on SHINee.
Because mostly the songs of concert were made for 5 members. SHINee is different compare with TVXQ at this time.
I hope SHINee keep the Jonghyun's memory and making a new style.

I'm really sad. When I think of Jonghyun, I'm just crying.