INDIE EXPRESS | 獨立急行 | インディーエクスプレス

Our project concept is to have Indie Express as the media of delivering music; for the visual design, we present our concept as “shuttling through space.” Sound/Music is conveyed through sonic waves, but the waves are invisible, only the experience of spirits can be perceived. And the listeners’ spirits are the destinations of Sound/Music.

Based on the visual design, we transferred the real space into an abstracted one, and Indie Express shuttles through this invisible space to deliver music into everyone’s heart, to communicate over the culture of music.
Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan are not only close to each other in geographic and temporal distance but the culture backgrounds are very similar. A trip from Taipei to Tokyo takes around the same time as taking express train from Osaka to Tokyo. Therefore, as the two big cities in Asia of Indie Music, the imagery of our project—“Indie Express,” is to deliver our up-and-coming bands to our local fans in the rapidest speed. We will bring our fans the modernist, most representative bands of the age. (Initiative representative was Tokyo, but now is Osaka. )
The concept of the visual design on the city poster connects Taipei with Osaka. Triangle is a symbolism. The perspective vertex symbolizes the extending roads to the destination in Japan. We combine the concept of a planet to the symbol of Japanese national flag, for the audience to have more imagination to the poster. The whole image is an interpretation of abstracted space of communications between music.

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