"Come Back Home" is a BTS message to Army !! created by Maki Midori

"Come Back Home" is a BTS message to Army !!

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♦ BTS remake song "Come Back Home" is a Rap Mon's message to Army!♦

"Come Back Home" which was released the other day in remake version of masterpiece, the magnificence of its arranging power, how to add harmony of distinctive BTS way is truly a finish like a new song.
It seems like the message of BTS to Army after winning the Billboard Award.

When I heard this song, I felt again the greatness of BTS leader · Rap Monster.
They have got to the top of Billboard in recent years as an idol group of K-Pop.
However, the interview with the Rap Monster after Billboard's awards ceremony was great.

"Advancing into America, what is your future dream?"

Rap Monster answered about the question
"No, because we are Korean singers ..."
His answer was simple and short.

It was a word that would shake off the listener 's thought.Sometimes people think if he won the billboard award, he would have a bigger dream. But his answer was smart more.
And this "Come Back Home" is surprising because it became already a song of BTS.

"We had a amazing dream here, but it's time to go home and we have to beginning to make a new series "
I had imagined that comment.

Indeed he is excellent as a man, as a leader. He never forget the origin without being floated by temporary fever. So I think BTS is strong.

He thinks Army (the fans that supports them) as always. It seems that he thinks about members and fans than himself. I think it's the Rap Monster's tenderness..

The amazing arranging, harmony is a good finish. I can say that it is a new song of BTS.

"Come back home"
Let's wait for the next series to be announced.